Identity & Specifications

Special Wine is born from the desire to offer wine enthusiasts, amateurs and collectors an exceptional cellar founded on a careful selection of appellations, domains and vintages.

          An ideal private cellar

Passionate about the pleasure of wine and its history, the founders of the website have often sought optimal selection on a restaurant menu, wine bar or merchant site. The proposition is often inappropriate and do not always allow amateurs or tasters an easy choice. Frequently, the range of proposals is too wide ; what to choose in front of a wine list of several dozen pages ? So, what would you think if the ideal collection was already made ​​? Special Wine has decided to innovate by making selectivity as its identity. No need to ask you about the quality of wines available to you, you simply treat yourself to your preference !

          The cellar of excellence

Each wine offered was the subject of a theoretical study, scrutiny followed, for the most part by a tasting. A dissertation entitled "The Cave of Excellence" was developed and constitutes a sort of census of the best wines in the world. Special Wine is committed to help you discover the renowned domains and "châteaux" but also wants to offer its personal selection and dedicates itself to the endless search for new "nuggets".

          On the road of the world's geatest wines

To optimize the choice of references, the founders of the site have visited houses, domains and "châteaux" of each selected wine. The wine tour is still going on... This exchange with the various producers is essential to understand the vision and identity of each area. These visits are necessary to understand the quality of each wine, their history, and transmit knowledge to future Special Wine clients. Our desire is to help you discover new flavors, diversify your tastes and open up to the knowledge of a part of our heritage. Exceptional wine tasting is a gustatory pleasure but should also lead to a thirst for discovery, and a wish to improve.

          Exhibition in Haute-Savoie, Pays du Mont-Blanc (74)

Special Wine is a form of online showcase like a storefront artistic projection. A part of Exceptional wines are preserved and displayed near Megève in Haute-Savoie, within an art gallery. This place allows exchanges on these two passions. Art lovers, the founders chose to mix between visual arts and legendary wines exhibitions. We attach great importance to the conservation of our exceptional wines in this place wich is also a store. Each bottle rests at an optimum temperature, with adequate moisture for proper aging of the bottles.

          Rare wines, great vintages, prestigious selection

Perpetually in quest for rarety, our purpose is to bring you a fine selection, not only of the famous but also new and developing wines. Special Wine has been designed as a showcase of an ideal private cellar, a luxury case fashioned to host the most prestigious bottles of our regions and the world. The founders of the website have chosen to offer these premium products on a website with original graphics. The aesthetics in search for beauty are elements that Special Wine wants to develop. Exceptional wines forming part of the elements of our heritage and our history, it seemed natural to stand out from a traditional e-commerce website. Unlike many sites specialising in wine trade, Special Wine does not provide the notes and comments of our best winemakers and tasters (Parker, Winecellar, Wine Spectator, La Revue du Vin de France,...). These observations and criticisms were obviously taken into account in our selection of exceptional wines. This is mainly not to overload the site's content with very simple information to find for the most curious (Wine-Searcher for example).

Have a good visit !